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Hey ya’ll! It’s been a minute. I’m not sure if it’s the weather getting warmer (or in the case of Phoenix, straight up HOT!), or the fact that I’ve just been a busy little bee, but time has been flying lately! However, time flying aside, I’m here now! Here, and ready to update y’all on […]


Happy Monday everyone! Another week, another outfit. And can we talk about the view that comes along with it? Honestly, I feel like I could be wearing a garbage bag in these photos and I would still love them. This was my last shoot of the day while I was in NYC, and I couldn’t […]


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New York, New York. City that never sleeps, my favorite city in the world, and a place I hope to eventually call home one day. Growing up in rural (South) Jersey, I was close enough to the city that I could visit often enough, but I always wanted to live there as opposed to just […]


I know, I know, another Mexico post – but I swear this is the last one! I’m actually feeling pretty behind as of late, being that I actually just got back from 2 weeks in NYC + Jersey (hence my lack of posting last week…woops!), but I’m still writing about Mexico. When will I finally […]


Hi everyone! It’s hard to believe the month of August is almost over, and that Summer is on it’s last legs (well…maybe not so much in AZ). Where has the time gone?! I’ll be keeping today’s post short and sweet since this morning I am catching an early flight to NYC, but right here and now […]


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