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You know what’s the worst? Going shopping and finding something you absolutely love, only to find that it fits you…completely wrong. It’s like some sort of cruel joke. Whether your bust is too big (or in my case, too small 🙄 the worst!) for the the top that fits you otherwise perfectly, or the jeans that fit […]


You know how some things are just meant to be? From start to finish, it’s perfect timing, and there’s no doubt in your mind – it must be fate. Well, that’s exactly what happened with me and Jord Watches this past month. But first, let me back up a bit (so you can understand why)! […]


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I’m not sure if it’s some sort of age phenomenon, but the older I get, the faster the holiday season seems to fly by with every passing year! Maybe it’s because each year my to-do list seems to grow (leaving less time to fill my schedule with fun Christmasy activities!), or if in today’s bustling […]


You know how growing up you have holiday traditions that your family does, and you kind of assume that those same traditions are just what everyone does? Like “oh, this is what’s normal. Everyone does this.” Maybe it was just me who naively thought like that, but once Daniel and I got married, I realized […]


You know the old saying “you can never go home again”? Well, I can’t decide if it’s true or not, but when we were planning to travel back to West Palm (where we lived for five years) for the first time since we moved, I was unsure of how to feel. I was excited, of […]


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