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Hi again! If you're on this page it's probably because you wanna learn a bit more about me, so let me introduce myself a lil more thoroughly!

My name is Grace. I'm a Greek girl from Jersey turned west coast babe (LA to be exact), because life is wayyy too short to be cold all the time! I married my college sweetheart Daniel (who happens to be my badass video editor), and have a Pom named CousCous who is the true love of my life 😉 I'm obsessed with 70's aesthetic, Gucci editorial vibes, eccentric maximalist fashion, and chic street style. Really I just ADORE creative expression through fashion, and refuse to put myself in a box. I live to endlessly explore and recreate myself. I love learning different ways to be creative through different photography techniques, and feel truly blessed that I get to do that through content creation everyday. As a former graphic designer / art director, it's been my absolute dream to be able to own my own brand and bring concepts to life as the creative director and content creator behind all my images.

creative director + content creator

Hi, I'm Grace

A few other tidbits about me: I'm a lover of glitter, chocolate croissants (and all other pastries), nostalgic music, groovy nail art, anything denim, pastels, leather jackets, dope vegan food, long summer days (and way too many more things to list). I'm currently transitioning my hair into it's natural curly state, learning to rollerskate through this crazy city, and doing my best to enjoy life everyday. I'm SO glad you're here - let's make some magic together!

of it.

we       love

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with flowers. with wearing them, taking photos of them...you get the idea 🌼

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is the only cardio i'll voluntarily sign up for  (if you're in la, come skate with me!)

I have 6 tattoos

but most days i dream about getting a whoooole lot more

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creative     minds

inspire  eachother

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magic like wildfire

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your power

shine brightly

no one is     you

come join the party! 🤘🏼