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April 18, 2020

Grace Mattei

doc Martens styled with socks and flowers

*Thank you to Zappos for sponsoring this blog post!* Hey y’all! It’s been a minute. And by a minute, I mean a loooong one. What can I say, life has been…crazy! Like transitioning to working for myself full time, Daniel leaving his job and us moving to another state to pursue our dreams crazy. And while everything seems especially wild right now (global pandemic and all), one thing that hasn’t changed (and never will) is my love for fashion. SO today let’s talk about something a little more upbeat than pandemics – doc martens! More specifically, doc martens SUMMER styling!

grace from thegracemattei wearing doc Martens styled with socks and flowers grace from thegracemattei wearing doc Martens styled with socks and flowers

Now Idk about y’all, but I’m like a boot person through and through – ask Daniel, and he will probably roll his eyes and tell you that half of my closet consists of boots. So when I got connected with Zappos to work on this Doc Marten campaign, I was obviously excited – heck yahhhh, another pair of boots! But with Summer fast approaching I thought I would maybe be practical for once and go for the Blaire Sandals instead – and lemme tell ya, I’m a fan. (If you aren’t a fan tho, Zappos has you covered with a 365 day return policy girl!!)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that Docs have been back into mainstream trends for the past year or so – which I’m all about, because 90’s duh. Maybe I’m a little biased being a 90’s baby and all, but there’s something classic about them that I feel like I can stand the test of time no matter what your personal style is. And that gold stitching? Yes please!

grace from thegracemattei wearing doc Martens styled with socks and flowers grace from thegracemattei wearing doc Martens styled with socks and flowers

That being said, I chose to pair them with some sheer floral socks – because I love a good contrast between masculine and feminine energy okuurrrt. I also went with some overalls and flowers, because give me ALL the spring vibes. Between quarantine and the super bloom that I KNOW is coming in california from all this rain, I just can’t wait to get outside. Something about wearing overalls makes me feel more in tune with the outdoors – like I could play in them forever just like I did when I was a kid. Same with these sandals – they’re the perfect *cute* summer activity shoe. Riding a bike? No prob. Bopping around at a festival for days? YUP. Traveling to Europe (eventually, someday again!) and walking flippin everywhere? THESE DOCS SOLES GOTCHU GIRL. Shooting photos indoor all day bc you’re stuck inside? Yep, they work for that too. 😉

All that to say, these are my new go-tos for the foreseeable future – whether it’s inside or outside (but hopefully outside soon enough). Zappos made it quick and easy to get these, so if you’re ever in a hurry to get an adorable pair of shoes before a trip (post-quarantine obviously), Zappos has you covered! They offer free expedited shipping, 365 day returns, and 24/7 customer service! I hope you’re all staying safe + happy + healthy during this time! Don’t forget to connect with me on IG + Tik Tok @thegracemattei for more of my day to day and more happy shoots like this! Oh, and more photos with my Docs, duh.

xx, grace

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