The 15 Best Paris Instagram Spots

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July 30, 2018

Grace Mattei

Bonjour! As most of you know, (or at least any of you who follow me on Instagram), Daniel and I recently took our first international trip together to Paris! And while I’m still drowning in photos edits from that trip (and probably will be for the foreseeable future…I’m not exactly known for being the fastest blogger around on my turnaround time, considering I still haven’t blogged our Cali trip 🙄), I thought I would bang out a couple of quick pics to write you guys a list of the 15 Best Paris Instagram Spots! This was honestly the hardest list to write because EVERYWHERE in Paris was so beautiful, but these spots take the Parisian cake! So let’s hop to it, ya IG crazies.

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1. Eiffel Tower / Trocadero

Okay, obvious. But what Paris first timer is NOT gonna take photos here?! I mean, cmon. Just. Let’s not even pretend like you’re not going to. Next! (But seriously, get here at the ass crack of dawn…and even then be prepared to fight it out with other tourists. This place is NEVEEEER empty!) Also you can get some of the best views of it (as shown here) at the Trocadero!

Best Paris Instagram Spots - Eiffel Tower Best Paris Instagram Spots - Eiffel Tower Best Paris Instagram Spots - Eiffel Tower

2. Rue de Cremieux

This is probably one of the most charming and colorful little streets in Paris. It’s kind of tucked away to the side, but make no mistake – it’s still heavily trafficked by tourists (like honestly everywhere else in Paris). That being said, it’s better to get there early unless you don’t care about other people being in the background of your photos. Either way, it’s totally worth the trip – almost every house on this street is it’s own unique pastel color. So basically…it’s time to move there ASAP. (PS – some of the houses have signs up asking for no photography, so try to be respectful of that!)

Best Paris Instagram Spots - Rue de Cremieux Best Paris Instagram Spots - Rue de Cremieux Best Paris Instagram Spots - Rue de Cremieux Best Paris Instagram Spots - Rue de Cremieux

3. Arc de Triomphe

This monument is beautiful in photos, but all the more impressive in real life. It’s INCREDIBLY huge and detailed – you could honestly spend hours looking at all the different carvings in it from various angles. It makes for a great photo, and there’s a perfect little spot marked out where you can fit the whole Arc in the shot (which is no small feat)! There’s usually a line of tourists you have to wait in in order to get it, but it moves pretty quickly. Just don’t get run over but one of the many cars driving in the insane circle around it…it’s a little nuts, but totally worth it!

Best Paris Instagram Spots - Arc de Triomphe

4. Palais Royal

This had to be one of my absolute favorite spots we visited in all of Paris! This former royal palace is now open to the public, and has not only has beautiful gardens, but an amazing art installation in the courtyard called Colonnes de Buren. The installation was created in the 1980’s, and has lots of black and white columns all in varying heights strewn throughout the courtyard. They make for some amazing symmetrical pics – just be patient to get a good shot without people! Again, another place that’s worth the wait to get the shot – one of the best Paris Instagram spots by far! 😍

Best Paris Instagram Spots - Palais Royal Best Paris Instagram Spots - Palais Royal Best Paris Instagram Spots - Palais Royal

5. The Louvre

Again, an obvious one – but how are you gonna go all the way to Paris and not take a picture in front of the iconic pyramid at the Louvre? Also built in the 80’s (this must’ve been a popular time for controversial architecture in Paris haha), if you get there around 8am you should be able to snag a decent picture with no one in the background. We didn’t actually go to the museum itself (we opted for a smaller more doable one), but in the future we’d like to devote an entire day to exploring the actual museum itself – which apparently has over 35,000 pieces of art!

Best Paris Instagram Spots - Louvre Best Paris Instagram Spots - Louvre

6. Moulin Rouge

If you grew up watching the movie starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor (and bawling your eyes out like me), then obviously this would be a bucket list item (and one of the best Paris Instagram Spots!) for you too! It’s a major tourist trap, but I found that most people were too scared of getting run over by cars to venture out into the street and get a shot like this! 😜 Lucky for me it paid off – no people in the background of this one!

Best Paris Instagram Spots - Moulin Rouge Best Paris Instagram Spots - Moulin Rouge

7. Place Vendome

I didn’t get any photos here unfortunately because time ran out, but you seriously can’t go wrong. This plaza houses some of the ritziest most expensive shops and hotels in all of Paris (think Chanel & Dior), as well as a massive statue of Napoleon in the center of the square. Just make sure you dress the part – Daniel and I wanted to go to the Ritz Paris for high tea, and were unfortunately turned away because he was wearing sandals and shorts. Check for dress codes ahead of time!

8. Jardin des Tuileries

This beautiful garden in the center of Paris is full of statues and flowers, and you can see the Louvre in the background. It’s also HUGE, so there are plenty of spots for good photos ops!

Best Paris Instagram Spots - Jardin des Tuilleries Best Paris Instagram Spots - Jardin des Tuilleries Best Paris Instagram Spots - Jardin des Tuilleries

9. La Maison Rose

This cute pink corner cafe is a bit of a hotspot, so you might have to wait a lil bit before you can get a pic here. Again, going early is pretty much a good strategy for all of these places, but if you go later in the day to get some food there too, you shouldn’t have to wait too long. Don’t be too shy though, because about 5 walking tours full of spectators passed through in the time we shot here! Also, a pickpocket (unsuccessfully) tried to snag my purse – so keep your stuff (and especially your camera gear) on you!

Best Paris Instagram Spots - La Maison Rose Best Paris Instagram Spots - La Maison Rose

10. Musée d’Orsay

This smaller Museum is opposite the Louvre right across the Seine river, and has a gorgeous opulent room that’s perfect for pictures. There’s also a giant clock in here that’s a pretty popular photo spot too!

Best Paris Instagram Spots - Musee Dorsay

11. Any Parisian Carousel!

There are adorable carousels scattered all over Paris, but one of the best (and most popular ones) is this one near the Eiffel Tower! Bonus – there’s a cotton candy stand right next to it – makes for the perfect photo prop and is tasty too! 😉

Best Paris Instagram Spots - Carousel Best Paris Instagram Spots - Carousel

12. Montmartre

Montmarte is a charming little part of Paris in the 18th arrondissement, that’s basically a giantttt hill (we walked up like 10 flights of stairs…I died) – so make sure you’ve got your (cute) walking shoes on this day! Seriously, there is no shortage of quirky little restaurants and shops in this part of the city that are perfect for great photo opps (and even better crepes. Yum!). Bonus: Sacre-Coeur is also here, a huge and beautiful Roman Catholic church that you can walk to the top of and get an even more spectacular view of the city.

Best Paris Instagram Spots - Montmartre

13. Any adorable local Street Vendor (or shop)

I know this is pretty vague, but there’s seriously no shortage to choose from! And honestly, one of my favorite things about traveling is not only visiting the huge iconic places, but also just appreciating all of the little bits of culture found in places like this. Tons of flower shops, patisseries, and cute street vendors line almost every street of Paris! Bonus – you can get a pretty mean crepe from most street vendors, so it’s basicallllly a win-win. 😉 Take a pic, eat a crepe. Sounds good to me!

Best Paris Instagram Spots - PatisserieBest Paris Instagram Spots - Flower Shop Best Paris Instagram Spots - Street VendorBest Paris Instagram Spots - Street Vendor Best Paris Instagram Spots - Street Vendor Best Paris Instagram Spots - Flower Shop

14. The Seine

This gorgeous river has lots of lookout points and places to take photos from, and is a great place to watch the sun set (or rise if you’re an early bird!). You can also take a little dinner cruise down the river if you’re wanting a more memorable experience!

Best Paris Instagram Spots - The Seine

15. Palace of Versailles

This is one place that was heavily on my bucket list and we unfortunately didn’t end up having the time to go to (it’s definitely more of a day trip adventure!), but I wanted to include it anyway! Versailles is about an hour – hour and a half outside of Paris, and is where the French monarchy lived up until the French revolution. Aka…if you’ve ever watched Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst and LOVED IT, then you’d all about that Versailles life…because it’s literally where she lived! And idk about you, but anything that bougie and opulent is basically a must in my book. 😋

*BONUS* – Rent a Vespa (MaryKate + Ashley style)

So this doesn’t exactly qualify for the “Best Paris Instagram Spots” list merely because it’s not a specific spot, but go with me here – that’s why it’s a bonus item! One of my favorite things (and some of my favorite photos) that we did in Paris was rent a scooter and explore that way! Not only did it make the best prop for photos, but it’s a faster way to explore than walking, and you still get to stumble across a ton of accidental gems that you would otherwise miss on the Metro! Unfortunately we did get rained out one night on our way home (oh my LORD we got soaked), but honestly, I’d do it all over again – for both the pics and the experience!

Best Paris Instagram Spots - Vespa Best Paris Instagram Spots - Vespa Best Paris Instagram Spots - Vespa


So there you have it! My 15 Best Paris Instagram Spots. Honestly, Paris is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to – you could seriously take a picture on almost any corner and it’d be amazing, but I hope this gives you a little bit of a guide for some good places to start with!


Have you been to Paris? What are some of your favorite photos spots there – tell me below! 🖤




PS – In case you’re hungry for more Paris content, here’s an old Parisian inspired post to get you by until I get the rest of my posts up from our trip! Also, here’s another Paris IG Bucketlist from a fellow blogger that I admire that has some more amazing suggestions for ya! 😘

All photos by Daniel Mattei







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  2. Renee says:

    Your pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! How did you get to the top of those black and white Pilars at the Palais Royal?

    • Grace says:

      aw thank you so much Renee!! lol my husband had to give me a boost and help shove my fanny up there haha!! thankfully I had bike shorts on under my dress lol!

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