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August 14, 2017

Grace Mattei

Y’all, the heat in Phoenix is no joke. I mean, I may look like I’m just casually chilling outside in these photos, but the fact of the matter is that taking pictures while trying to look cute (and not like a hot mess) in the Summer is. A. Commitment. As in, the reality is that while taking these pics, I was sweating from….well, basically everywhere.

SO, all that to say – sometimes my strategy to combat this oppressive heat is to just basically wear as little as possible. Makes sense right? Enter, the bodysuit.

Bodysuit | Skirt – Similar Here, Here, & Here | Shoes | Bandana | Bag – Similar Here, Here, & Here

I’ve been allll about a good bodysuit this Summer, because (unless you’re totally opposed to the idea of living life a-la-commando at times), with the right bodysuit you can usually brave the heat without the oppression of your bra and undies. LIFE HACK Y’ALL. That, and they’re cute and versatile too! So really we’re talking about a win-win here. What’s not to love? Ditch those layers and save them for some other time that isn’t mid-August in the desert – you’ll
thank me later.

I’ve also really been digging this revival of Summer scarves and bandanas lately. They’re a quick and easy way to add some extra flair to your outfit, and also channel your inner Betty Draper / flight attendant if you choose to rock it around your neck like I have. Plus, if you get one that’s silk (like this Madewell bandana I’ve got on here), then it’ll be super lightweight and breathable, which is definitely a must in the dead of Summer.

What are some of your favorite Summer pieces to wear when the heat is too much to handle? I’d love to hear, as I’ve still got several months of triple digit temps ahead of me…yikes! 😉


xo, grace


Photography by Daniel Mattei


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